Business Explainer Video Package

Turn Your Brand, Product and Message into an Engaging & Exciting Story

Explainer Video Packages Include:

  • Custom Background Branding
  • Custom Logo Branding
  • Unlimited Pre-production revisions
  • Monthly Post-production revisions for 1-yr
  • Full HD Video Production - 1080P
  • Professional Voice-over artist
  • Choice of Voice, Music or Both
  • Motion Graphics and Text

The Process in the Forefront...

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To get your business videos started, we spend time with you to understand your business and what makes you stand out from your competitors with a consult and no-holes-barred audit.

Next, our producer guides our professional writers to create a creative video script with message and tone that best presents your company.

Your guaranteed our priority is to make a compelling & engaging video to convert web viewers into leads, clients, patients or customers.

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Next, we’ll help you make your choice of the ideal format to engage your customers.

Whether to use a spokesperson, animated character, kinetic text animations and any other video features best suited for you to deliver your content and message.

Based on our one-to-one audit, you'll get recommendations based on what will be of most value to your business.

Every option is not right for everyone. Getting buyers is.

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At this stage, your vision for your video begins to come to life. Your vision and decision get created for your audience.

The scenes get crafted and the story is compiled to get the right message delivered - to ensure your video engages, educates, and excites your audience.

Then we will analyze your goal for the video and the best marketing methods to achieve them.

Getting your business the highest ROI possible is always a big part of our plan. It's ultimately your choice which way you go.

Behind the Scenes Processes...

1. Script Writing
A highly-skilled scriptwriter will creates your story and message
2. Music and Voice Over
If you to have a voice-over and or music, a professional artist will record your script, and royalty-free music to enhance your brand will be selected. All to ensure maximum audience engagement and enhancement of your brand message.
3. Storyboarding
We will layout your concept so you can view what to expect in concise storyboards.
4. Animation
Both characters and text can be animated. Our animation will engage the audience, keeping their eyes on your message, and make your video come to life.
5. Personal Spokesperson
If you decide on a personal spokesperson, the right person will be selected by your choice from our artists, and then he will be shot in the studio on a green-screen so your background of choice will be able to be used, regardless of where the spokesperson shoots.

Explainer Video Possibilities

Completely Done-for-You Business Explainer Videos

Professional, High-converting Script

Our expert script writers will study your input and your competitors to understand your target audience, products regardless of your industry. They will assemble the perfect words focusing on your marketing objectives while engaging and exciting your viewers.

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Custom Background Branding

Your video background must represent your brand the way you want. We will set any background you choose including the video you provide, images from your office/store/location, royalty-free video, royalty-free images, or we can have video professionally made at your location.

Company Logo Branding

We'll ensure your logo, if you have one, is prominently placed in your explainer video ensuring viewers get your brand image "burnt" into their mind's eye. Every aspect of your video is designed to make you the brand viewers remember when they are ready to buy.

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We Invest the Time & Effort for You

Producing your video won't require all your time and effort. That's our job. Our team handles all the parts of production including script writing, scene development, illustrations, animations, or whatever is needed to make your explainer video perfect for your potential buyers. You focus on your business.

Here's Why Explainer Videos Deliver

  • Displays your focused core message in an engaging way.
  • Audiences love how-to's and explainers enable and well-informed choice.
  • Provides you an exciting and low-cost way to deliver your message the way buyers prefers.

Your explainer video is powerful and emotional, visual and audio engagement with your target audience. Explainer videos done well quickly describe a problem and create a solution handing your viewers exactly what's needed to make a decision. In an online world with a short attention span, there's no better media for achieving this than an explainer video.

What Do I Need an Explainer Video For?

Have you ever felt like too many potential buyers or leads visit your website but don't take action? At least, they don't take action as much as you think they should?

Do you find this odd since you know you are delivering products or services that truly outdo your competitors?

Business knows from annual surveys from various sources over the past 10-years that potential buyers want - no, demand - to see a video. This is the reason that video boosts engagement, increase lead contact, and boosts sales. There really isn't any mystery as to why big brands rely heavily on videos.

Explainer videos provide an engaging way for potential buyers to see exactly how you solve the problem they want to be solved in a unique way and do so in 30-seconds to 3 minutes.

Our explainer videos give you the means to stand out in your market, provide exciting, engaging solutions, without having to spend a fortune. Plus, we help you build a strategy and we can market the video for you.

You get everything done for you to create a powerful, buyer engaging tool that enables you to boost your brand, lead and sales objectives. The focus is your choice. But we will help you make the best decision for you. We do all the work and can deliver amazing videos starting at just $797.

To get started today, simply click the button below and complete a short form.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered...

What are the hidden fees? Are there any?
No. Though on this page we cannot detail every possible combination for your customization, after your initial payment, no hidden fees are required to complete production. It's possible to incur additional fees if you decide to re-do your script after the voice over is complete or if you decide to increase the video length. Other additions you make beyond what was agreed to begin production may also incur additional costs.
Do you offer discounted bulk buys?
Yes, of course! If you plan on purchasing multiple videos, discount pricing is available depending on how many you'd like to buy. We also offer special pricing for organizations, companies, franchises that want to be able to offer videos to branches, agents, brokers, or franchise owners. Send a message using the contact form below for more info.
Do I get full rights to the final produced video?
Yes, once the completed production video is delivered, you have full rights and total control to use your video however and wherever you choose.
How much of my time or my teams time will this take?
After our 15 to 30-minute consult, you or your representative will simply need to complete a form to answer some production questions. We will create scripts, storyboards, etc., but you only need to review them for approval. If you request other custom work like an on-scene video crew, that would naturally take more of your time. However, 95% of productions for explainer videos can be completed without this.
What if I just don't like the video?
You will be able to view everything necessary to know if we are proceeding as you expect to deliver the product you expect. Therefore, prior to approving final production, we offer a full refund. By that point, you will be fully confident you will get the video you expected. After final production, there are no refunds, though most plans include future edits.
Have more questions?
Feel free to submit your additional questions using the form at the bottom of this page. We love to answer them and ensure you know whatever you need to know to get started.

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